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Latest Updates

This Fall, we had a very successful launch of Wave 1 of our survey to the incoming first-year students, achieving a response rate of 83%

Wave 2 of our survey, distributed to current second years who also took part last year, garnered a response rate of 79%. We also recruited 81 new second-year students (who had yet to participate last year), meaning that we have now reached 86% of the Class of 2025, with 55% of this class completing both waves of the survey. 


Our second wave survey includes questions about students’ experiences on campus and in the UAE more generally. We are looking forward to sharing some of our most exciting findings through our social media campaigns. Those who take part in the survey right up until the last wave will also be able to look back on their responses to see how their specific attitudes and values (e.g. personality, sense of belonging, and confidence) may have changed over time through data visualizations. 


We are already disseminating some of the results. We delivered a presentation at the 2022 Society for Personality and Social Psychology Annual Convention in San Francisco and presented two papers at the International Society of Political Psychology 2022 Annual Meeting in Athens.

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